Marketing & Sales Consulting

Marketing & Sales Consulting

Amaacon is an International and Domestic Marketing and Business Growth Consulting Company that concentrates on helping companies in achieving success in the international and Domestic Markets. We provide Marketing Tools for Export and Import into Europe, China, South East Asia, Africa and South America. We have the right Marketing Skills and extensive Business Experience in these markets to help you and your organisations in achieving great success in these markets by conducting the following services......   
  • Business evaluation and review 
  • Operational assessment and planning 
  • Sales budgeting and estimating processes Marketing strategies and approaches 
  • Field methods and procedures Compensation, incentive and job organization strategies 
  • Performance management and evaluation 
  •  Crew and field leader efficiency 
  • Sales and design issues

International Marketing Strategies

We can provide Export and Sales Marketing Solutions tailored to your business needs, or we can manage a complete international Sales / Marketing arm for your business or Market Research with potential Foreign Buyers and Agents, which often generate Sales Opportunities.  

Global Languages
We can provide Sales and Marketing services in different Languages: English, Chinese, French and Spanish. Whether you need to translate your documents, your Website, your Sales Brochures or simply need to Travel to a Foreign country for Business Negotiations. We can provide Sales and Marketing services in different Languages: English, Chinese, French and others 

Internet Marketing

Advantage & Solutions from setting corporate and business-unit strategy to evaluating the marketing program, Amaacon Consulting Service brings its' expertise and strategic concepts to the service Of Today’s entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Our notable contribution to our clients with professional consulting services as below: Setting corporate and business-unit strategy, Framing the market opportunity.  

Our E-Commerce Consultants will give you the tools for Business web presence - Static, Dynamic, Flash web-sites Database driven web-sites, Portal web-sites, Launch your E-Commerce Sales/Marketing Strategies including Shopping Cart, Online Payments, Helpyou sell your Products or Services and reach a Global Audience with unprecedented buying power.  

Web Design
Historically web design has been an ad-hoc process with little or no professional solution in Place to ensure results. Amaacon feels this is not what the business community desire and deserve. In an effort to meet business requirement this solution has been developed to Provide clients with a detailed process to allow them to feel confident with the development Of their web solution.  

Website Development

Amaacon Consulting Digital Marketing Services offers various ranges of website designing services, which include graphics and works, site building, animations, logos and much more. Our efforts are selective and genuine which is required in a web designing firm. In addition to web designing, we also provide reliable website development services.
Web Development Services:
  • Database Design and Programming
  • Database Integration
  • Data Importing Dynamic Page Creation
  • Developing Web Interface for Data Entry
  • Create Custom Site Engine
  • Add Features to or Modify Existing Script

Our Global Website Redesign Services: 
  • Complete Website Redesign Services , along with maintenance and updates for your website throughout the year 
  • Search engine optimization and content analysis
  • Optional website redesign at the time of annual renewal
  • Conversion and usability analysis of existing website and redesigned website.

E-Commerce Solutions:
Our Ecommerce solutions are about simplifying the facilitating transactions online. We combine our vast online and digital experience with deep technical expertise to provide a comprehensive Ecommerce platform that supports and enhances your sales and marketing efforts.
Merchandising – Reduce the complexity and costs of managing the on-site experience through intelligent merchandising control
Integrate– Easy and open integration with merchant, fulfilment and other legacy system 
Customer Experience – Engage visitors and provide a compelling user experience through search, information architecture, user-generated content, Web 2.0 functionality and the ability to easily adapt and add the as-yet-unknown.
Drive Traffic– Attract qualified traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Local Search Marketing

The importance of having an overall online presence in today’s business environment cannot be over emphasised, but whilst attracting global audiences can bring benefits to your business, many United Kingdom businesses rely on local customers to survive. Improving your businesses profile locally on the Google, Yahoo, Bing MSN etc Search Engines can attract a great number of new, local customers that may not have been aware of your business’s existence and services. Several potential customers are now using the Search Engines to search for local businesses in their geographical areas in the UK.  Amaacon Consulting will assist in ensuring that  your business is the first business on people’s minds for services in your local area by raising your ranking highly on Yahoo, Google, Bing MSN etc  Local Search. 
Target Customers Around A Custom Location. 
Keyword analysis: We can evaluate your return on investment at a keyword level by reviewing conversions and revenue per conversion, leading to conclusions about which keywords are helping you meet your goals. 
Visitor insights: Using the funnel steps, you will learn about consumers’ behaviour between your landing page and a conversion. You will get a breakdown of visitors by demographic and geographic parameters, so that we can implement better campaigns to draw them in. 
The path to purchase: Deliver information that  keeps visitors clicking, and what they see before making a decision to buy. Be informed about which traffic sources are better at driving conversions.      

Business Growth Consulting

If you are in the Manufacturing, Service, Hospitality and Tourism, Finance or Banking Sector, we are able to monitor various aspects of your company on an ongoing basis, acting as your CEO, CFO and Management Team. You will receive access to our business and management expertise 24/7, 365 days a year. You can determine the level of our involvement in your organization. The convenient “implementation feature” makes it affordable for companies of any size to take advantage of this unique opportunity.There is a vast range of services we can undertake for you far better than you could ever perform for yourself, including: a careful third-party evaluation and review of your business, an operations audit, an analysis of your financial statements & budgeting and expert evaluation of your sales & marketing methods.In addition to collection of operational & financial data and articulation of best practices for each line of business, 
Our Consulting Services Covers:
  • Business evaluation and review
  • Operational assessment and planning
  • Sales budgeting and estimating processes
  • Marketing strategies and approaches
  • Field methods and procedures
  • Compensation, incentive and job organization strategies
  • Performance management and evaluation
  • Crew and field leader efficiency
  • Sales and design issues
And much, much more!