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International Trade Consulting

We bring a broad range of experience and network to offer services that provide end to end solutions in the areas of import and export, foreign investments and company / subsidiary formation. We assist our clients in successfully addressing all the regulatory and licensing requirements, obtaining government clearances, and liaison across all related government agencies.   
We work closely with our clients to develop constructive strategies and implementation plans that provide concrete savings to the bottom line. Our core competency lies in our sound knowledge of the regulatory Banking, Finance, Environmental, Governmental Trade Policies and Procedures, and the role of the different government agencies. We therefore are able to assess the specific needs of the clients and identify customized solutions that maximize returns. Our well trained and motivated team always goes that extra mile to offer personalized service that is of the highest quality, well informed and often implemented under tight delivery schedules.   
We can advise and assist you in every aspect of your International Trade from the Receipt of your Order up to the shipment and receiving Payment for Your Goods/Services including:   
  •  Customs Global Procedure incorporating Export and Import Procedures and Export Invoicing 
  • Advise and Assistance with Transportation Modes for your Goods Advise and Assistance with International Payment Procedures: Open
  •  Account, Documentary 
  •  Expert Presentation of Documents under Documentary Collections and Credits 
  •  International trade by means of Documentary Credits, Methods of Payments and Letter of Credits 
  •  Opening or Accepting International Documentary Credits Advise on Import and Export Procedures, 
  • Customs Tariffs Export and Import with procedural Documentation requirements and Licensing   

Marketing & Sales Consulting

Marketing & Sales Project Management
Throughout the project, your Marketing & Sales project manager will ensure your business interests are at the forefront of managing the project, that technical or logistical issues are addressed and thatwe deliver and integrated solutions that is both robust and reliable.
Business Service Management
Business Service Management is the product responsible for building and maintaining the service relationship with you – ensuring that our contractual obligations and service levels are met and that we deliver to, or exceed, your expectations. Our Service Managment program acts as the Customers's Ambassador/.
Our Strategic Business Audit
This product will assess your current and future needs, and deliver a solution ready for the way you want to do business. A key element of network planning is understanding your existing infrastructure from physical, logical and performance viewpoints. A formal network assessment will report on your existing local and international network services, documenting current marketing and sales network infrastructure, protocols, topology and other key aspects – always with your future requirements and business growth plans in mind. It’s the ideal starting point for a planned expansion.

Business Growth Consulting

Business Operational Maintenance and Management
Here the focus is on keeping your network business proactively maintained to minimise downtime. We offer a range of professional services designed to assist with and support a planned migration to a new business infrastructure, including 24×7 proactive monitoring and management of the network.
Business Process Monitoring
Many businesses need robust monitoring to ensure security, and we’re highly experienced in this area, working with local boroughs, councils and businesses across the Country. Our monitoring solutions transform the way surveillance is accessed, controlled and stored, providing a much more flexible and powerful security solution.
Business Solutions Training Consultancy
Our Solutions Training Consultants are here to give you the support and training you need to get the most out of our solutions. Working alongside our service managers, the solutions training team combine excellent technical knowledge and practical experience along with a supportive and enthusiastic approach to training. Feedback from our customers, on both the calibre of our consultants and the value of the new skills they learnt, has been tremendously positive.

Digital Marketing Services

Advantage & Solutions from setting corporate and business-unit strategy to evaluating the marketing program, Amaacon Consulting Service brings its' expertise and strategic concepts to the service Of Today’s entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Our notable contribution to our clients with professional consulting services as below: Setting corporate and business-unit strategy, Framing the market opportunity.  

Web Development
Historically web design has been an ad-hoc process with little or no professional solution in Place to ensure results. Amaacon feels this is not what the business community desire and deserve. In an effort to meet business requirement this solution has been developed to Provide clients with a detailed process to allow them to feel confident with the development Of their web solution.

 Our E-Commerce Consultants will give you the tools for Business web presence - Static, Dynamic, Flash web-sites Database driven web-sites, Portal web-sites, Launch your E-Commerce Sales/Marketing Strategies including Shopping Cart, Online Payments, Helpyou sell your Products or Services and reach a Global Audience with unprecedented buying power.

Amaacon Global Trade and Marketing Consult.

We Help Plant and Grow Businesses.
Marketing and Small Business Growth Consulting